General information

„Energetyka Wodna” magazine is a nationwide quarterly, concerning topics related to energy and water management, environmental protection, inland navigation and energy recovery using water turbines.

Magazine is published by Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development (TRMEW) the oldest non-profit organization from the RES sector in Poland. Quarterly serves as an information platform representing hydropower and allied industries on the national economic arena, is a place of exchange of practical and academic knowledge, as well as a communication tool addressed to institutions and government bodies.


Current changes in Energetyka Wodna magazine


  • launching a new „Energetyka Wodna” website
  • establishing media cooperation with International Hydropower Assotiation as part of the WHC 2019 media patronage
  • extending of „Energetyka Wodna” Program Council
  • extending the circulation of the international issue of „Energetyka Wodna" in the English version by the Renexpo fair series, Hydropower Balkans fair and conference and European Renewable Energies Federation members database
  • providing services for external companies:
    • organization of participation in the international fairs and conferences from the RES sector
    • conducting internet marketing
    • coordinating the reactivation of the RESTOR Hydro project
    • participation in the HYPOSO project


  • establishing media cooperation with
  • obtaining funds from the Swiętokrzyskie Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer for the modernization of the website
  • organization of a training cycle "Amendment of the RES Act in practice – prospects for SHP owners
  • issue of a limited international edition of Energetyka Wodna in the English version for the needs of HYDRO 2018


  • the fifth anniversary of presence on the publishing market
  • analysis of ongoing investments in domestic hydropower
  • extending the scope of services with industry reports
  • introduction of the "Publication overview" section
  • support in organizing HYDRO 2018 fairs and conferences in Poland
  • participation of the editorial staff in the 2017 Seminar on Small Hydropower Development and Management for Central and Eastern European Countries


  • Energetyka Wodna topics enhancement: inland navigation; energy recovery systems
  • table of contents refreshment
  • intruduction of „Interview of issue”
  • establishing media cooperation with: EREF;


  • beginning of distribution by external companies
  • change of magazine’s paper and binding
  • TRMEW image refresh
  • increasing of cooperation with the foreign organizers of the events
  • increasing the share of content related to water management


  • graphic refresh
  • inauguration of electronic version of the magazine
  • introduction of the thematic section „The World”
  • establishing media cooperation with: International Water Power & Dam Construction; Hydropower & Dams International Journal


  • optimization of internal procedures and magazine „production technology”
  • enlargement of regular substantive partners group
  • establishing media cooperation with: ESHA; CIRE;


  • registration of magzaine
  • establishing cooperation with ZEK Hydro
  • inauguration of the quarterly during Hidroenergia 2012 in Wrocław
  • establishing cooperation with Polish Hydropower Conference


Editorial calendar & planned topics - 2020

Energetyka Wodna issue

Issue closure date for authors

Issue closure date for advertisers

Approximation emission date

No. 1 (I quarter)




No. 2 (II quarter)




No. 3 (III quarter)




No. 4 (IV quarter)




Planned topics of the issue of 3/2020 of the quarterly "Energetyka Wodna"

  • 20+: What with hydropower installations after finishing their support period?
  • Current projects implemented by the State Water Holding Polish Waters
  • Priority to renewables when in conflict with the Water Framework Directive
  • Intensifying the use of the Polish hydropower potential in the context of inland waterway development programs
  • National program of surface water restoration
  • Small retention - summary of the implemented activities
  • Modernization of SHPs in Poland in the context of the current legal conditions
  • Optimal operation of a large hydropower reservoir.
  • Case study of Kaunas HPP Reservoir
  • Pico hydropower plants - examples of implementation
  • Water level measurement during hydraulic unit tests at hydropower installations
  • NEXUS project - Web-based  atlas of micro-hydro inventory in urban water networks
  • Hydraulic and filtration solutions for the hydropower industry
  • The effects and identified causes of the uncontrolled waterhammer phenomenon in hydropower flow systems
  • Racibórz Dolny dry flood control reservoir - Reservoir Racibórz Dolny – challenges for suppliers of drive and control systems for spillway and bottom outlet gates
  • Hydrokinetic turbines - examples  of application